Charge Your Lifeline

It is important to charge your battery to 100% prior to first use.

  1. Open the upper lid on the unit.
  2. Remove the watertight cover over the USB port.
  3. Plug in  the USB cable and connect to USB charger or the USB port on your computer.
  4. Green light will illuminate to show that the battery is charging
  5. Leave the unit plugged in until battery level indicator shows 100%.  Charging usually takes 4–5 continuous hours.
  6. Note: Some USB hubs do not provide enough power to charge the Lifeline in a timely manner (some hubs may take 12 or more hours in order to fully charge a unit, depending upon the power output of the hub charger). If unit is not showing full charge, try connecting directly to a computer or wall socket charger
  7. When finished, disconnect the USB cable and carefully replace the watertight USB cover.   Ensure this cover is properly sealed
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